Google Form

Ik heb een google form gemaakt en verzonden naar artiesten. Op deze pagina vind je de highlights terug.

Do you think it's important to be visual on social media?

Yes 100%

What do you think falls under 'online visuals'?

Aantal keer dat video gerelateerde content werd vermeld
Videoclips, muziekvideo's, live video's, promo video's, korte sociale media video's, behind the scene's video's 95%
Aantal keer dat foto gerelateerde content werd vermeld
Portretten, concertfoto's, foto's voor grafisch werk, fotografie in functie van sociale media 61%
Aantal keer dat grafisch gerelateerde content werd vermeld
Cover art, website, banners, flyers, merch 44%

Do you think you need expensive gear (professional camera, expensive microphones,...) to create content? Explain a bit.


Ik geloof van wel. De nodige know how is uiteraard het belangrijkste. Maar een prof camera of micro maakt wel degelijk het verschil tussen amateuristische beelden en professionele.

If you want quality, yes, mostly lights are important i think


Nee, een artiest hoeft geen videoclip van duizend euro. Dit kan net zo goed een videoclip gemaakt op een iphone zijn

No, smartphones these days have quite decent camera’s and recording gear as well.

I think that as long you can get a decent quality you don’t need expensive gear. Creativity, timing and knowing your public is far more important

Not at all! A cheesy crazy style with a broke ass camera is also a style. If that is what you want to show and who you are! That’s perfect! If you want more cinegraphic kind of things it becomes more expensive. But I must say with the new phone cameras you can do great things as well now!

Hangt af

That depends on if you want to reach a live audience or wish to create online content. Ofcourse a good microphone will be useful when trying to create a video to put online.

You don’t necessary need expensive gear. But it helps a lot when your content is of high quality.

I think its helpful but its not necessary to have everything if you have connections or you can outsource to other professionals for example hiring a photographer to take press shots

Depends on budget & ambitions

It depends what you consider expensive. With the right research and education, you can always work on a budget. I believe you should master budget gear first before you step up. However, investing in yourself may push you more to create the content you want.

What kind of content do you want to share with your audience,
though struggle producing it in the mean time?

Vooral meer persoonlijke content zoals: 
– Process van begin tot het einde
– Muziek & Mixes
– Behind The Scenes
– Nieuw cover art voor muziek
– Vlogs
– Interviews
– Video content